Absolute FB Ads from Claire Pelletreau

Sale page: https://clairepells.com/absolutefbads-green
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Absolute FB Ads from Claire Pelletreau

Sale page: https://clairepells.com/absolutefbads-green


Get REAL Results from Facebook Ads Without Pulling Your Hair Out!


You’ve spent the last 6-12 months hustling like crazy to seriously grow your business.

And boy, has it paid off!

You’re making good money by selling online courses, have raving fans who can’t stop singing your praises, and you’ve got plans.

BIG plans:

You’re ready to drive a TON of new traffic to your site.

Hit record numbers with your email list.

Work with a rockstar team that runs your business while you’re focusing on the Big Picture.

Sell so many of your courses that $100K feels like a drop in the revenue bucket.

Basically, make more MONEY and get RECOGNITION for the incredible work you put out into the world.

You know Facebook ads are a huge part of an EFFECTIVE marketing strategy . . .

but you’re not 100% sure how to make them truly work for you in your own business!

You have no idea how to budget your ads. You want to know how much money you SHOULD spend and where

. Every time you run a campaign, it feels like cash is just slipping through your fingers.

The hours you’ve wasted researching options and settings is cringe-worthy.

But nobody has given you a straight answer! You just want to know how to target your audience – is that so hard???

You don’t even know where the hell to start. You spent a few minutes staring at Facebook’s complicated interface and just gave up.
This sh*t is just way too complicated, and you fear it might not even be worth it.
You’ve been able to run some ads, but they’re not bringing in the incredible ROI you’ve heard your colleagues talk about. The truth is, you’re not really sure what the problem is!
The Facebook ad consultants that you’ve talked to charge WAY more than you can afford to spend.
Their fees plus the cost of ads cut into your profits so much that it just doesn’t make sense to even use Facebook ads that way.
You’ve been burned by Facebook ads in the past.
You hired someone to do them for you but it was a complete waste of money.
The worst part?
You don’t know if A) that consultant didn’t know what they were doing, B) maybe Facebook ads just don’t work for your particular business, or C) you were using the wrong strategy
. (My guess is a little of A, none of B, and a lot of C.)
You can’t figure out the tracking to save your life. It MIGHT be working correctly, but you’re honestly not sure.
What’s the point of dumping money into a marketing channel if you can’t be sure that you’re making back $5 for every $1 you spend?

But don’t worry. Your days of pulling your hair out are over.

Because once you learn HOW to create and optimize Facebook ads for your business, you’ll be able to run ads with ease, save time on marketing, and FINALLY hit those revenue goals you’ve been dreaming of.

+ Your subscriber list grows every day with qualified leads who are primed to become customers.

Your bank account thanks you every day as your sales skyrocket!

+ Those list building ads are a part of a COMPLETE Facebook ad strategy designed to sell more of your online courses or programs.

No more throwing different campaigns up against the wall and seeing what sticks . . . until it doesn’t anymore.

+ No more drowning in options, buttons and jargon you don’t understand.

You’ve mastered Facebook’s advanced interface and you know exactly what to do and how to do it, quickly. Nothing more, nothing less, just winning.

+ Writing ad copy no longer mystifies you OR takes up much of your time.

You know EXACTLY what works for your audience, and you don’t waste time on words that don’t convert! #NobodyHasTimeForThat

+ Your advertising costs continually go down as your numbers go up.

As you continue to master Facebook ads, you get better at targeting the right people AND the Facebook algorithm starts working to bring you better leads. Win-Win!

+ Your organic reach has even expanded.

The more people who find out about your services the more they tell their friends. New folks flock to your blog posts, communities and webinars!

+ Facebook ads are a simple, effective part of your marketing strategy.

You pump out ads with barely a thought. Or even hand off the implementation to your assistant or VA so you can get on with the work you love to do.

+ Most importantly, you’ve increased your cash flow WITHOUT spending all your profits on more contractors. Doesn’t it feel good to keep the money you make?

Yup, Facebook ads really can be that effective and that simple.

Because Facebook is pretty much Skynet from Terminator (you know, the creepy organization that knows everything about everyone): they have a TON of information about your potential clients that you can use to target the RIGHT folks.

Facebook even knows if you’re the type of person who clicks “like” or reads every blog post that crosses their feed.

Did you know that showing ads to these different types of people dramatically impacts your costs and conversions?

That means you can use this information to precisely pinpoint the people who are most likely to take the SPECIFIC action you want them to at each step of your strategy.

“Sounds great. What’s the catch?”

The problem is Facebook doesn’t want it to be easy.

Sadly, they make a HUGE amount of money off of people who don’t understand how the system works.

But by making simple, yet highly effective changes to the way you create and optimize your ads, you can make Facebook’s little mind tricks for for you instead of against you.

This step-by-step course gives you the ENTIRE strategy your business needs to make millions in course sales with Facebook ads.

We’re not just talking about how to run one campaign for one webinar – I’m giving you an entire system, a way of thinking about how to up-level your business through targeted marketing.

I’ll teach you exactly what you need to know to amass tons of subscribers, direct loads of traffic, and make thousands of course sales.

Here’s what’s inside Absolute FB Ads:


Here’s the truth: if you throw together a few ads here and there without a solid STRATEGY for making your money back, you’re going to lose at the Facebook ad game.

You could end up wasting time, sanity, and a BOATLOAD of money.

I love a good how-to lesson, but that’s all worthless if you don’t have the right strategy in place! Before you spend another dollar, you’ll learn about the three pieces of a holistic Facebook ad campaign

when to implement which part, and what kind of ads work best for YOUR business.

This module and the rest of the course cover classic link (text plus image) ads, carousel ads, Messenger ads, video ads, and content awareness ads (a.k.a. ads for your blog or video posts).


Learn how to use the Facebook Pixel from the get-go and save yourself MASSIVE headaches in the future.

You’ll be able to track how many people clicked on your ad and if that actually drove traffic to your site, webinar registration, or landing page.

The Facebook Pixel can be a little tricky when you first start out but these instructions make it ridiculously easy. (You can hold me to that.)


We’ll go over how to create ads that ONLY target people who will most likely become paying customers or clients.

This is how you keep your marketing budget low and your conversion rates HIGH!

Targeting a whole bunch of folks who will never buy your products is your shortcut to some real financial difficulties.


I’ll show you the art of writing ad copy, the kind that will woo new customers to your shores.

Don’t waste time staring at your keyboard.

Know exactly what to say and how to say it!

With my 5 Rules for Writing Ad Copy, you’ll learn how to balance humor, emotion, and clarity!


Easily design ad images that look great, get noticed, and never get rejected by Facebook!

I’ll show you simple techniques using Photoshop or Canva to create irresistible photos that catch the eye, no matter how cluttered the News Feed gets.


Video ads are TAKING OVER as the new King of the News Feed, but getting tons of “views” does not always translate to more money in the bank.

I’ll walk you through the best uses of video ads, and then how to create ones that people can’t tear their eyes away from!


Learn how to calculate exactly how much to spend on your next campaign and when to spend it.

You’ll no longer invest in campaigns that don’t have a chance of making money for your business.

Then spend that extra cash on your dream SEO whiz, copywriter or graphic designer.


Master the Power Editor without cursing the day Mark Zuckerberg was born.

It’s not a simple interface but I’m literally making it my life’s work to simplify it for you!

You’ll have complete control over how you create your campaigns by accessing a wide range of options that can have a HUGE impact on your campaign.



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Absolute FB Ads from Claire Pelletreau

Sale page: https://clairepells.com/absolutefbads-green
As soon as we receive your payment, the download link will send to your email automatically.

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