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Cathryn Lavery – Zero to DeFi

Curious about DeFi but not sure where to start?

Zero to DeFi is a crash course in Decentralized Finance that teaches you everything you need to know about earning passive income on your crypto… 
Welcome to my crash course in Decentralized Finance that will show you everything you need to know about earning passive income from your crypto.

It’s designed for people who want to learn about DeFi in an easy-to-understand way. I’ll demystify the jargon so you gain foundational knowledge, master the essential skills and level up your skills and start making crypto work for you.

Why DeFi?

What’s happening in the crypto space right now is what I feel like the birth of the internet must have been like in the 90’s. I’m confident that learning and investing in the space is like investing in early Apple or being next to Bill Gates as he created Microsoft. This space and the movement to web 3.0 will create generational wealth for people unlike anything we’ve seen before.

It’s why I’ve become so heavily invested into it, and want to show others how to do it.

Getting setup and comfortable with DeFi can be time-consuming, intimidating and costly (especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.) 🥵 The crypto world is filled with scams, pump-and-dump shills, and contradictory information.

That’s why I created Zero to DeFi, it’s everything I wish someone had taught me when I was first getting into the space.

Inside this course, you will find…

Comprehensive video lessons

Each lessons breaks down a key strategy or area of DeFi and runs from 3-10 minutes in length. The videos are predominantly voice-over screen recordings walking through specific tactics and how-tos.

The course is broken down into 3 sections from laying some foundational knowledge, to the essentials and then advanced tactics.

Specific walkthroughs for taking action

Watching the videos isn’t enough to really “get it”. So each lesson includes specific action items & links so you can jump right in and try it yourself. That’s the quickest way to fully understand it.

Each section also has a pop quiz at the end so I can test that you’re getting what we’re throwing down here.

Course Curriculum includes…

The course is broken out into 3 key area’s going from foundational knowledge, to essentials and advanced.


  1. Intro to DeFi
  2. Stablecoins
  3. Breaking down a DEX
  4. Liquidity pooling
  5. Wallets & Security
  6. Intro to Impermanent Loss
  7. Crypto Terms Overview


  1. Set up a browser wallet & send funds
  2. Swap tokens on decentralized apps
  3. Understand Ethereum gas & transactions
  4. How to track gas fee’s
  5. How to use Bitcoin in DeFi
  6. How to use DeFi protocols:
    1. Aave
    2. Compound
    3. Yearn
    4. Curve
  7. Tracking your wallet with Zapper


  • The Eco-system outside Ethereum
  • How to create liquidity pools (and why it’s the backbone of DeFi)
  • Intro to sidechains & wallet setup
  • Bridging to the Polygon network (& other sidechains)
  • The world of self-paying loans
  • How to use DeFi protocols (Alchemix, Convex Finance)
  • The world of yield farming
  • Making income from crypto
  • Understanding impermanent loss
  • Crypto & Taxes
  • Using Leverage in a smart way
  • How to decide on your compound strategy (manual vs auto)
  • Risk Vs Reward — How to assess opportunities


  • Walk through of my portfolio
  • Intro to NFT’s
  • Solana — Getting Started
    • Ecosystem
    • Yield Farming
  • Avalanche — Getting Started
    • Ecosystem
    • Yield Farming
  • Cosmos — Getting Started
    • Ecosystem
    • Yield Farming
  • (More as they come)

Hey, I’m Cathryn

I’ve held crypto since 2015 but my initation into DeFi was buying $YFI at under $1,200 in July 2020 (hit ATH of $90k in May 2021). Since DeFi summer 2020 I’ve been drinking from a fire hose and have gone fully down the rabbit hole. I learned a ton, made a bunch of money — and also made many mistakes 😅 (that I want to help you avoid.)
When I’m not doing DeFi I’m running BestSelf Co & live in Austin, TX.


Cathryn has done a fantastic job at helping to skip the normal mistakes people make when getting into DeFi. I had no idea where to start with DeFi, and now I feel comfortable investing in a bunch of different projects. It’s worth the money to have someone show you the ropes before diving in.

Lauren A

After years of thinking that i “knew crypto” it only took a couple of weeks in this course to see what I was missing. Cathryn makes DeFi and the red pill of crypto easy to swallow.

Matt S

I had built up a little basket of crypto, and my strategy was to hold on for dear life and hope things kept going up. Now, because of what’ve I learned from Zero to Defi, I ride the crypto roller coaster and cash flow as the market goes up or down.


All Students get access to the Zero to DeFi discord to share strategies, ask questions and discuss ideas. This is one of the favorite parts of this course — and where you’ll get new information as it happens.

Student Testimonial

“I love this community, I love what Cathryn has built. If you’re thinking about getting into DeFi I cannot recommend it more. I would not be able to do what I’m doing without Cathryn, this course and this community” — Raj Jana

Cathryn is a phenomenal teacher, which is why I trusted her when I decided to go down the DeFi rabbit hole. She does a great job distilling her knowledge into actionable tactics.

Excited to use DeFi tools in the future and would recommend this course to anyone interested in learning about DeFi from an expert.

– Ryan Moran, Capitalism.com



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Cathryn Lavery – Zero to DeFi

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