Complete Card Magic 3 – Advanced from Gerry Griffin

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Complete Card Magic 3 – Advanced from Gerry Griffin

Your magical journey into Complete Card Magic gets advanced with fourteen all new mysteries. Volume Three contains effects that are better than some full routines, but it doesn’t end here. Card expert Gerry Griffin takes you step-by-step through more amazing mysteries.


    • The Ace Challenge – Four cuts all produce the ace of spaces, or do they?


    • Twisting the Aces – The aces appear, even the stubborn ace of spades.


    • Marked Deck – Your home-made deck looks normal, or does it?


    • Amazing Ace Thru Four – Turn these cards over, then change their color.


    • Back to Basics Poker – Five cards with no faces become a Royal Flush.


    • Magnetic Finger – Find cards, thru a hanky, with your magnetic finger.


    • Stabbed Coincidence – They stab their card right between matching cards.


    • Riffle Stop Poker – Riffle, flip, and twist the cards into a Royal Flush.


    • Acrobatic Aces – Aces jump piles, until one gets stuck in the middle.


    • Card Warp – Two cards folded together go thru a time warp.


    • Coney Island Caper – Hungry enough to eat a playing card hot dog?


    • Homing Card – Find their card in your pocket, not once, but twice.


    • Rub-away Cards – Rub cards into your pocket, right thru the fabric.


  • Triumph – Will you lose their card in the deck, or will you Triumph?



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Complete Card Magic 3 – Advanced from Gerry Griffin

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