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Craig James – The Family CEO Video Course

The Family CEO is a proven (and simple!) system to teach any husband and father how to have a sexually charged marriage, purpose driven children, and successful life every man craves… As fast as possible.


Do you desperately desire a strong, vibrant, sexually satisfying marriage?

Are you tired of your home being in a constant state of disarray and chaos?

Do you want more than anything to see your kids living filled to the brim with purpose and addicted to success?

Do you want the kind of marriage and family life that will be the envy of your friends and family members?

Are you ready to stop wasting your potential in life?

Smack In The Face Truth #1:

Your flailing marriage is suffering from your failed leadership… But you absolutely can turn it around in a matter of days…

Being a successful family leader isn’t an instinct we’re born with. It’s a skill that must be learned.

Sadly, you probably didn’t grow up in a home with a successful family leader to teach you the tricks of the trade.

Most importantly, you aren’t able to fill the role your wife and children need you to fill in the home – and everyone is in a state of perpetual suffering as a result.

You think you’re doing all the “right things”. But your marriage isn’t getting any better (or continues to get worse).

It’s not your fault. You simply haven’t been taught what it takes to lead a healthy, successful home and have a strong, satisfying marriage.

The good news is that you absolutely can turn things around… And quickly!

You just need someone to show you the few simple, proven strategies all successful family leaders know and use to their advantage.

Get immediately download Craig James – The Family CEO Video Course

Smack In The Face Truth #2:

You can raise kids that aren’t lazy and unmotivated at any age with one simple trick…

Do you worry that your kids will grow up to embrace mediocrity and squander the immense potential you see in them?

Are your kids already displaying signs of being lazy and unmotivated in life? If so, it’s only going to get worse unless you intervene and fix the problem.

I have a dirty little secret for you…

Your kids don’t want to be lazy and unmotivated. They want to be challenged, achieve worthwhile goals, and see everything they’re made of.

But, they don’t know it, because you’ve not shown them what this looks like and how incredible it feels.

Maybe you haven’t learned this for yourself yet. After all, you can’t pass on something you’ve not yet attained for yourself.

Fortunately, it’s incredibly easy to cure a lack of purpose in your life, or in the lives of any of your family members by using one simple yet very powerful trick.

Smack In The Face Truth #3:

You have the life and the family you deserve… You can finally deserve better by employing strategies that are proven to command results

This is the truth that nearly all failed leaders are running from. They know they’re failing, yet refuse to take ownership over their failures.

They suffer, their wives suffer, and their children suffer, as a result.

You have the exact life and family you deserve, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

If you will only be honest with yourself about the fact that your family isn’t anywhere close to what you envision for it, and that your failures are a big part of the problem…

If you will do that, then you can then begin taking the simple steps required to quickly turn things around.

Are you ready to deserve better for yourself, for your wife and for your kids?


Because I have the answers to make this a reality for you in my ultimate family leadership video course that teaches little known and incredibly effective strategies for leading successful families, motivated and accomplishing children, and building a strong, satisfying marriage.

My name is Craig James. 

I’m the the founder of MasculineByDesign.com and host of The Masculine by Design podcast, a podcast with over 150,000 downloads that teaches men how to thrive as individuals and leaders in their homes and communities.

I’m also the Co-Founder of The Fraternity of Excellence, the Internet’s top online mastermind group for men, with almost 200 men in our brotherhood.

I’ve mentored thousands of men toward fixing their lives and teaching them how to live out their full potential in this world.

I’m the perfect man, father, and husband to teach you how to rebuild your home, your marriage, and your life, because I know exactly where you’re at… Because I’ve been there.

You see, I’ve not always been the beacon of success in my marriage and family I am today.


Today, my family is happy, healthy and vibrant. We’re thriving collectively and as individuals. I enjoy a sexually charged relationship with my wife, even after 15 years of marriage, but…

It hasn’t always been this way, though…

After years of frustrations and nearly resigning myself to having a mediocre, unexciting marriage and purposeless children, I finally discovered the source of the problem…

It was me!

I was failing to lead myself, and I was failing as the leader of my family. This realization was sobering. To be honest, it hurt.


After discovering a few simple, little-known leadership strategies, my life, my marriage, and my family have become the successes I’ve always desired them to be.

Sure, we still experience our share of challenges and momentary setbacks. But I now understand exactly how to use these challenges and setbacks as a launchpad for growth and success for myself, my wife and my children.

Is your home and marriage in a constant state of disarray and chaos? Do you want more out of your marriage and family?

If so, I know exactly how you feel, and I’m here to show you what I wish someone would have shown me before I had to endure years of discontentment, strain in my marriage, and feelings of helplessness.

I’m here to tell you… Having the family and marriage you desire isn’t difficult… And it won’t take you years of frustrations and failures to finally get it. You just need to do what I did…

You must learn and apply a few simple but powerful leadership strategies to quickly turn things around.


  • Why Your Wife and Kids Are Desperate For You To Lead Them
  • How to Quickly Heal The Wounds Your Failed Leadership Has Inflicted On Your Family
  • The Big Secret for Injecting Purpose and Mission Into Your Family
  • The Only Way to Eliminate the Constant Chaos Wreaking Havoc On Your Home
  • The “trick” for fixing laziness and lack of motivation in your children (works for you and your wife, as well!)
  • Powerful, Little-Known Tactics for Guaranteeing the Lifelong Continuous Improvement of Your Children
  • The One Thing That Will Devastate Your Ability to Lead Your Wife and Children (And How to Overcome It)
  • What Your Family Needs From You More Than Anything Else For Them to Thrive In Life
  • Surefire Strategies for Building Incredible, Strong Bonds With Your Children That Will Last a Lifetime
  • How Your Failed Leadership Is Destroying Your Sex Life By Draining Your Wife’s Sexual Energy (And How To Bring It Back)
  • How to Build a Lasting Legacy That Will Bless Your Family – And Your Lineage for Many Generations To Come
  • And Much More…

Get immediately download Craig James – The Family CEO Video Course

To give you just a small sampling of the impact these strategies will have on your life and your family… Here’s what others have experienced after applying my teachings on family leadership:


This Family CEO Video Course Masterclass Includes:

  • More Than 20 High Quality Videos Where I Teach You The Exact Steps for Becoming A Successful Man, Father, Husband, and Family Leader
  • The 7-Phase Family Leadership Masterplan – A Condensed Quick-Start Guide for Effective Family Leadership
  • Access to Personally Email Me With Any Questions You Have About Applying These Simple Yet Powerful Strategies For Getting The Sexually-Fulfilling Marriage, Motivated Children, And Life of Success You Desire


Are you ready to finally learn the simple strategies that will get you the marriage, children, and life of success you’ve always wanted? I make it simpler than you ever thought possible in this video course series.



I look forward to working with you,



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Craig James – The Family CEO Video Course

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