Terry Rice – How to Start Your Own Successful Consulting Business

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Terry Rice – How to Start Your Own Successful Consulting Business

How to Start Your Own Successful Consulting Business

Learn five proven steps for packaging, pricing, and scaling your coaching or consulting business.

If you’re like many professionals, there’s one big question on the top of your mind when it comes to your business:
How do I get more clients?

This course is designed to help you stop chasing after cold leads and start attracting more meaningful opportunities by recognizing the value you have to offer. By following a clear and concise five-step process, you’ll spend less time doing sales and business development and more time doing what you love and serving a more engaged audience.

Through videos and hands-on exercises and live weekly Q&A you’ll establish:


Nail down the services you offer, how much to charge, your target client, and why you’re their obvious choice.

Pitching & Proposals

Gain training and templates that make pitching and proposals simple, painless, and predictable.


Focus on doing what you love by implementing routines, apps, and services to streamline your business process.


Learn how to deliver on the promises you make to your clients, through everything from onboarding to relationship management.

Branding & Marketing

Learn how to position yourself and provide value to your audience, and prospects through in-person events and podcasts.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction
  • Getting Started(7:44)
Module 2: Clarity
  • Lesson 1: Understanding Zones of Function(4:02)
  • Lesson 2: Determining Your Zone of Genius(4:24)
  • Lesson 3: Defining Your Target Audience(1:32)
  • Lesson 4: Determining Your Target Audience(2:50)
  • Lesson 5: Audience Research(3:04)
  • Lesson 6: Social Listening(1:28)
  • Lesson 7: Social Listening | Blogs & Articles(3:05)
  • Lesson 8: Social Listening | Reddit(2:13)
  • Lesson 9: Social Listening | LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram(6:27)
  • Lesson 10: Social Listening | Amazon(0:38)
  • Lesson 11: Surveying Your Audience(1:40)
  • Lesson 12: Creating Surveys(6:17)
  • Lesson 13: Distributing Surveys(2:41)
  • Lesson 14: Interviews(3:12)
  • Lesson 15: In-Person Events(1:29)
  • Lesson 16: Building and Leveraging the Empathy Map(2:47)
  • Lesson 17: Determining the Problems You’ll Solve(5:26)
  • Lesson 18: Creating and Packaging Your Services(5:26)
  • Lesson 19: Business Models, Pricing and Revenue Goals(11:11)
Module 3: Branding & Marketing
  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Branding & Marketing(1:55)
  • Lesson 2: Your Personal Brand(1:52)
  • Lesson 3: Your Title, Positioning Statement and Bio(4:41)
  • Lesson 4: Launching Your Website(2:32)
  • Lesson 5: Website Sections(6:42)
  • Lesson 6: Content Marketing(4:14)
  • Lesson 7: Social Media Overview(4:08)
  • Lesson 8: Social Media Strategy(9:18)
  • Lesson 9: Content Calendar(5:16)
  • Lesson 10: Signature Speaking Topics(3:50)

Meet your instructor

Terry Rice believes all business, no matter 
how large or small, should have access to the critical resources and guidance needed to grow. After working in corporate roles for many years at companies such as Adobe and Facebook, he now focuses on helping entrepreneurs monetize their knowledge without sacrificing their health, family, or personal interests. Terry also teaches business development courses at New York University and General Assembly and is a contributor at Entrepreneur.

What people are saying

“Terry’s sessions teach entrepreneurs the mindset skills to thrive, even in challenging situations. I’ve seen Terry lead sessions in person and (more recently) virtually, both of which are incredibly engaging and informative. Terry has the unique ability to make complex topics concise, digestible, and immediately applicable.”

–Sarah Maibach, Senior Program Manager, NYU Entrepreneurial Institute


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Terry Rice – How to Start Your Own Successful Consulting Business

Digital Download

$499.00 $80.00

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