The Meditation Solution (12 levels) from Ethan Vorly

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The Meditation Solution (12 levels) from Ethan Vorly


Expand Your Consciousness

Clinically Proven Audio Technology

Brainwave Entrainment Technology Offers The Easiest, Most Effective And Fastest Access To Deep States Of Meditation Available!

The states of consciousness easily achieved, even for the novice are actually deeper than very experienced meditators can achieve without this technology. Brainwave entrainment represents a revolution in personal and spiritual growth.

The Meditation Solution is part of a larger system of psychic and spiritual development which addresses all dimensions of the human being.The Metaphysical nature of the human being needs to be explored thoroughly before real Spiritual change can occur which means a thorough exploration and cleansing of the subconscious must take place. With the right techniques along with the Brainwave Entrainment Technology available here you can achieve far more and indeed far more rapidly than by using either the techniques or the technology alone.

The effects of deep meditation on the Psyche are profound. These effects have been known very well in many of the Eastern Religions and the Western Esoteric Traditions but to the mainstream Western society Meditation is quite new and often misunderstood. It is generally accepted that Meditation is a good form of relaxation and carries various benefits due to this relaxation.

Although scientists try to understand the physical and mental implications of deep Meditation they have barely scratched the surface when it comes to the Psyche and the Metaphysical aspects of the human being.

With these techniques you may become more positive, happier, more successful etc but you will still be trapped in the same earthly mind. The changes are superficial as the root causes of your previous mindset are still ever-present under the surface.

Any form of therapy that does not address these underlying issues and conflicts will inevitably have superficial results.

On the way you will have many amazing experiences of different energies awakening within your body along with spiritual and inter-dimensional experiences. The long term result of completely clearing the mind of past conditioning is the incarnation of your true self (along with all of its knowledge and powers).


The thing about clearing the mind of past conditioning is that whatever is in there must come out. All of the emotions that have been held in and buried in the subconscious must be cleared and often this means periods of catharsis.

In these cases the cathartic process can continue for days or longer. If you experience any extended catharsis it is important to continue the process. It is a matter of record that whatever comes up through meditation will eventually be cleared completely through meditation, inevitably leaving you much lighter and clearer. The longer the period of catharsis the better you can expect to feel afterwards 😉

The Meditation Solution consists of 12 levels which gradually become more powerful by using lower carrier frequencies.

Some other programs use 4 CD’s per level, each using different delta frequencies in their B track. They are 2.5hz, 1.5hz, 0.5hz and 0.3hz. They advise you to use each for two months to gradually get down to 0.3hz which is the deepest and most powerful.

Some might say that going straight to 0.3hz will cause too much catharsis but experience has shown that those who choose to use this technology can easily handle it. If you do want to slow down your transition when you move up in levels you can just gradually increase the length of time you listen to track B over days or weeks.

You must be the judge as to when you are ready to move to the next level. When the level you are on does not seem as powerful as it used to and you feel you would like a deeper more powerful meditation then its probably time to move up. Keep in mind however that it does take the brain time to restructure and so moving up faster than advised is often not beneficial.

As The Meditation Solution takes you into the deepest delta states possible it is required that headphones be used.

Available via Download $35 per level.

Note: Other companies charge around $300 per level for the same technology. Our program uses the very latest technology and is just as powerful and high quality as any other company. We choose to charge low prices so that anyone can afford this technology.



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The Meditation Solution (12 levels) from Ethan Vorly

As soon as we receive your payment, the download link will send to your email automatically.


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