The Secrets to Success and Making Money Course by Bill Harris

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The Secrets to Success and Making Money Course by Bill Harris 


Learn all the inside secrets from a super-successful teacher—who wants to make sure you succeed…

Dear friend,
As a friend of Centerpointe Research Institute, I’d like to give you access to Bill Harris’ $1,497.00 video-based course, Secrets to Success and Making Money in Good Times or Bad…
…for a TINY fraction of what others have paid.

This course contains everything Bill wished he’d known when he was first starting out. He learned all of this the hard way, over several decades—but you don’t need to.

You can learn from Bill’s experience, and save yourself years of struggle.

And don’t worry. This isn’t a masterly sales pitch to get you to pay a lot of money for something. It’s mostly a gift to you because of your relationship with Centerpointe—and because this is a part of Bill’s legacy and his desire to give back to the world—the cost is ridiculously low.

Take if from me, this course is…
…the most comprehensive explanation of how to succeed (at anything) I’ve ever seen.
Why should you listen to Bill?

First of all, Bill studied success—and taught it—for over 35 years. He knew an incredible amount about success, most of it from personal experience, multiple stumbles and setbacks, and a lot of trial and error.

If you’re hungry to learn from the experience of someone who has been super-successful—in many areas—and apply it to what you want to do (while saving years of trial and error mistakes)…
…Bill can show you exactly
how to do that.
Bill was constantly asked how—starting from nothing (literally on his kitchen table) with no special advantages—he was able to:

Spread his product, Holosync® audio technology, to 193 countries around the world…
Get over 2.2 million people (so far) to use and benefit from it…
Make over $145,000,000.00 (and counting)…
Convince a long list of top personal and spiritual growth teachers, therapists, and doctors to use and endorse his product…
Speak at the United Nations…
Share the stage with the Dalai Lama, Stephen Covey, Jack Canfield, and many other notables…
Become a Founding Member of Jack Canfield’s prestigious Transformational Leadership Council, and an Inaugural Member of Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute…
Give millions to charities helping inner city kids and receive many awards for his philanthropy…
Build two schools in Africa…
Become a nationally recognized jazz musician…
And, enjoy many other successes—as a public speaker, seminar leader, author, musician, marketer, and investor…

Many business owners and entrepreneurs—including top people in the personal growth industry (names you would recognize)—sought Bill’s advice nearly every day on money, marketing, and other business matters.

Bill knew how to get things done. And, what’s more, he was famous for knowing how to teach it in a way that causes people to say…
“Ah-ha! I get it!”

However, Bill would always say…

“There’s nothing special about me, and nothing I’ve done that you can’t do, too—if you want to and if you’re willing to pay the price to be successful (which actually can be a fun price to pay).”
So let’s start right now…

May I share with you Bill’s real secret to success?
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Here it is, in a nutshell:
“For any outcome you want, there’s a certain way of thinking and acting that will get it for you.”
You just have to find that way of thinking
and acting—and be willing to adopt it.

That’s what Bill will teach you in this course. (Please—read it again. Think about it for a few moments. Let it sink in.)

That first secret to success, though, involves quite a lot—as you’ll see for yourself when you dive into The Secrets to Success and Making Money in Good Times or Bad.

Success, though, is much more than making money!

Success, as Bill meant it, is much more than money… or fame… or having a business… or becoming excellent at something.
Success is about having a labor of love that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning to work on it… sharing your blessings with others…having friends you care about, and who care about you… and being happy and at peace with yourself.

Yes, financial security is important…
…but there are many other equally important aspects to success.

Bill discusses this balanced approach to success in detail in the course.
One more thing, and it’s quite important:

You don’t have to have huge, ambitious plans to benefit from this course.

If you want to be rich, or famous, or have a huge business, or solve world problems, that’s great.
If that’s what you want, Bill will show you how to be unstoppable.

But what you’ll learn is equally valuable for anything you want to do, be, or have…
…big or small.

Success is about creating a happy, satisfying life doing what you want to do. Whatever that is, for you, Bill will show you how to get from where you are…to where you want to be.
Because so many have people asked, Bill put everything he learned over the last 35+ years into an entertaining, informative (and quite comprehensive) video course.

This is just one of many ways of expressing his gratitude for all the blessings he received in his life.

To help you decide whether you want to learn from Bill, let me tell you his story…and how he came to the wisdom, knowledge, and principles he shares in this course:

Bill told me many times that he grew up quite unhappy. He was an angry person (and when he wasn’t angry, he was often depressed). He drove many people away and burned many bridges.

Though he was extremely intelligent, he had almost no emotional intelligence (and a lack of results to prove it).

Though he’d read many books and taken many courses about “how to be a success”, he described himself as “one of the least successful people you could ever meet.” He had no passion, no ideas, no work ethic…
…He had nothing going on.

One day, a few months before his 40th birthday, he woke up with a sinking feeling in his stomach, and a somewhat frantic thought:
“What happened? How did I get myself into this situation? I’m almost 40. I have no career, no career prospects, and very little income.
“How did this happen? What am I going to do?”

He was unemployed, and essentially unemployable.

Amazingly, even though he’d read dozens of books about how to be successful…
…none of it made any
sense to him!

Though he didn’t understand why, at this point he suddenly had an idea (he later came to understand why—and once you’re into the course he’ll show you how you can get your own idea, too).

And, as a matter of fact, Bill’s idea didn’t even seem like a particularly great one at the time. If he was really lucky, he thought it might make him $30,000 a year.

There was something great about Bill’s idea, though: He was passionate about it.
It got him jumping out of bed in the morning, eager to do something to make his idea a reality.

Gradually, in his passion to take action, other ideas came to him about what to do—and how to do it. Henoticed resources that had always been there—even though they were in plain sight, he’d never noticed them before.
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People actually began to ask if they could help him (which he found unbelievable at the time). And, he began to feel an incredible amount of motivation.
…He tried new things! He took risks! He allowed himself to fail—and then try again!

Don’t get me wrong. Bill did NOT make a bee-line to success. He made a whopping $12,000 (before expenses) the first year, and just $48,000 the second year. (He wasn’t able to pay himself a single cent for over three years!)

He told me many times how he made a lot of mistakes and fell flat on his face over and over.
But—accidentally—he did what all successful people do:

He kept going. He learned from what happened. And he kept thinking about his idea and how to make it a reality.

He completely forgot to procrastinate, which had always been one of his favorite “strategies”.

Eventually, he learned something about running a business, and about marketing a product (he was considered one of the top marketers in the world, but that didn’t happen overnight) and finally…
…he began to make some money.

And, he began to gain respect! (It’s funny how when you aren’t creating results no one cares about your ideas—but once you have some success people think you’re brilliant and want to hear what you have to say.)

He was asked to speak. He was encouraged to write books. Publications wanted his articles. He was asked to join prestigious organizations.

​He was even asked to speak at the United Nations—and share the stage with the Dalai Lama and other well-respected people.
This process was not easy, and it wasn’t by any means instant.

It was hard work. Because it was a labor of love, though, he enjoyed it. It didn’t seem like work at all. (This, by the way, is what we all want for you.)

Finally—because Centerpointe customers kept asking—Bill found a way to share everything he’d learned with people like you who want to succeed, but aren’t sure how to do it.

In the process, he hoped to save you a lot of time and heartache.
It’s always easier to learn from other peoples’ mistakes rather than making them yourself.

Bill will tell you more of his personal story in the course itself—because most of the big ah-ha’s he had about success came from something that happened to him.

Right now, though, let’s talk about Secrets to Success and Making Money in Good Times or Bad—and what you’ll learn.
“Like visiting Bill in his living room…”

As you’ll see, the ambiance of this course is a lot like sitting down with Bill in his living room, where he talks in a relaxed and informal way about what it takes to be successful—at anything.

This course is personal and conversational—and it really does contain everything you need to know, whether your plans are big—or more modest.
​No pie in the sky…no bullshit, just straight talk from a friend who knows the way.

Thank you Bill! This feels a bit like a casual conversation we are having & I like that approach. I already know I’m going to enjoy this process very much because the material is something I’m excited about getting into on a much deeper level.

Cheers, Michelle

Thank you for sharing your personal stories. I love the format of this course. It feels like you are sitting in my living room speaking directly to me. I have already had several ah ha moments and am very inspired and motivated to pursue my dreams! Thank you for offering this course! You are such an inspiration to me and I am so thankful to have this opportunity!!

Wendi Batten

If you want to understand how to succeed, if you want to make more money, or if you want to be truly excellent at something, this course is exactly what you need.
Get Instant Access!

And if you’re already successful, I guarantee that what I’ll share will increase your success.

Finally, if you’re stuck and unsure about how to start, this series will…
…save you years of trial and error and give you the confidence to get started (and keep going).

This is beautiful work, Bill. In your presentation, I recognized the decision-making process (backed up by confirmation, afterward, or reading books) of highly successful people I’ve encountered. You articulated the process more clearly than I’ve seen, yet. Thank you!

Ann Summers
Here’s what you get:

Secrets to Success consists of 32 powerful, easy-to-understand video lessons. For ease of listening, Bill tried not to make each lesson too long. And, because Bill believed rushing through the lessons would not increase results (in fact, he often said rushing would decrease results) he insisted that one new lesson be released each week. This gives you time to absorb the material and, more importantly, put it into practice in your life before learning the next Secret to Success. He included PDF notes about each lesson to help with this process.

Bill also added a more extensive “bonus” lesson about how to model success and excellence in others (why reinvent the wheel?).

This section on modeling excellence is based on the discoveries of top thought leaders as they modeled Olympic divers and Army sharpshooters—discovering what they did…
…inside and out.

In my opinion, this one lesson, by itself, is worth more than the $1,497.00 retail cost of the course (which you won’t have to pay).

Bill I am so glad that you made this course available. I live in the most vibrant city in the country and also work in an industry that has been at the base of this financial fiasco (mortgage/real estate). This course has had a major positive impact on me. You are real, and you encourage the qualities that we all seek. Thank you and bless you.



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