Untold Secrets of Persuasion from Kenvin Hogan

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Untold Secrets of Persuasion from Kenvin Hogan

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Mark J. Ryan is an NLP Master.

He’s also a Christian man of integrity, heart and kindness. He has listened to all 48 Science of Influence CD’s over and over. He says his life has changed because of it. Like most people, they not only want all the information but also what it is that I do that makes “Kevin Hogan influential.

He didn’t want to know what I think, but what I DO and how I FEEL inside when I do it.

The call came at midnight and we were going to talk for over two hours. (It was my first opening!) “I don’t want to know what you know Kevin…I already know what you know. I’ve listened to the entire Science of Influence series. I want to know what you DO. What you FEEL. What thoughts go through your head when you are in the process. I want to know your philosophy. I want to know what you haven’t told anyone else.”

He wanted the how. The syntax. More important he wanted the soul of the persuasive person. He wanted it all! And the concept was so compelling I couldn’t say, no.


Modeling yourself simply doesn’t work.

What happens when someone with a high powered NLP background and success as a therapist digs into the mind of someone who lives a life of influence?

Mark wanted to know the secrets behind the Science of Influence. He wanted to know what I actually DO in real life that is making the ultimate difference. I confess, I had never thought of this approach.

His strong faith in God created a foundation for one of the most fascinating interviews I’ve ever experienced. We faced the ethical dilemma’s head on. No B.S. No wasted time.

What’s in this 2 CD (just over two hours) set that isn’t in anything I’ve ever released before?


  • What the feelings inside are before, during and after the influence process.
  • Mark literally uncovers the one thing that he believes is the basis for my success.
  • Mark finds the crucial distinction and belief: Persuading others against their will is not only possible, it’s what I typically have to do when I’m out there, and it’s more than ethical. It’s necessary.


Virtually all of the time Mark interviewed me, I found myself revealing things I’ve only touched on in the past. I have to admit that in some cases…the information surprised me.


This is not the CD set to begin your deep understanding of Influence.

That’s the Science of Influence.

This unedited interview takes a multidimensional look inside the actions and mind of someone who teaches others to be influential. And frankly it gets down to the most core, basic fundamental beliefs, the attitudes, feelings and emotions I experience throughout the process of persuading someone.

I found Mark’s style of interviewing very compelling. I broke into tears at one point on the call and had to compose myself. It is a profound experience.

I believe that this program will not only give you the core pieces of the persuasive PERSON, I believe it will change how you view your business, your selling, your work, and even your feelings. It made me aware of some very profound information inside of me…it made me know what the necessary driving force behind successful persuasion is.

The most unusual program ever released about persuasion.

I’ve certainly never heard anything like it. Elsom Eldridge, author of The Obvious Expert was monitoring the interview. After it was over we asked him what he thought. He said one word. “Wow.”

When I listened to it, I have to admit, I learned a lot as well. They’ve put me at work on a big new project. These new cognitions and awakenings will be added in even greater detail and depth to my Influence: Boot Camp.

My promise: If for any reason you are not touched, changed, transformed and certain you will be more persuasive in every encounter you have from this second on, return it for a full refund. No questions asked. This is special.



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Untold Secrets of Persuasion from Kenvin Hogan

As soon as we receive your payment, the download link will send to your email automatically.

$99.00 $20.00

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