Vision Board Pro from Christine Kane

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Vision Board Pro from Christine Kane

Sale page: https://getvisionboardpro.com/


Attn: Creatives, Passionate World-Changers, Life-Coaches and Anyone Who Wants to Make a Dent in the Universe…

INTRODUCING Vision Board Pro – the only course that gives you word-for-word emails, done-for-you sales pages, proven strategies and teaching outlines for how to plan, market and lead your own lucrative Vision Board Workshops

The ‘everything included’ program that helps you make $750 (or more) on the side, over and over again

Even if you aren’t a so-called “expert,”
even if don’t have teaching experience (or a business),
and even if you don’t know how to sell.

Vision Board Pro is a field-tested, proven game-plan that helps you use the connections you already have, position yourself as a go-to influencer, and make money helping others manifest their dreams (while you manifest yours!)…

Dear Future World-Changer,

Remember right after you made your first Vision Board?

How you said to yourself, “I want my friends to do this too!”

Remember that?

Maybe it wasn’t a huge aspiration at first. Just something like, “Wow!

This would be so cool to share with other people!”

You wanted to be able to:

    • Teach that dreams are possible
    • Give other people the same aha’s you got
    • Create a community of like-minded encouragers
    • Feel the power of “group intention”
    • Get raw and real, creating authentic dreams – not the usual “shoulds” we’re taught to settle for from the time we could say the word “dream.”

Maybe you were even so inspired that you rallied a few pals together and got them to make Vision Boards with you!

Well, what if you could take this same passion and enthusiasm and turn it into an extra $750 (or more) on the side every few months?  That’s exactly what I want to show you how to do.

And now I want to share some of my experience with you.  If you’ve ever dreamed of playing a bigger game, or speaking in front of groups of people, or teaching people how to make their dreams come true, then most likely, you’ve also asked yourself some (or all!) of the following questions…

  • What could I possibly do to help people live their dreams?
  • I know I’m meant to do something purpose-driven, but how do I discover it?
  • Who would be interested in what I have to say?
  • How can I discover my purpose if I never get opportunities to try new things?
  • People tell me I’m a leader, but how can I really use my talent?

There’s an answer for each of these questions

. But try Googling ‘how to be a leader’ or ‘play a bigger game’ and you’ll find page after page of advice that gives you no real steps to take

.  Instead, you’ll find tips like “Have a Big WHY!”  Or “See Yourself as a Brand!” Or “Communicate Clearly!”

What you won’t find are practical how-to techniques for actually doing something that instantly positions you as a leader, and shows you how to make money AS you learn key skill-sets.

(The very skill-sets that top influencers know by heart.)

The 5 Brain Traps About Leading
and Inspiring Others

Brain Traps are those hidden patterns that stop us from listening to our hearts and taking action on our great ideas.  How many of these apply to you?

Brain Trap #1: “I’m not an expert. All those people who teach workshops have letters after their name and are big best-selling authors.

Who would want to work with me if I’m not famous?”

Brain Trap #2: “I’d do this for free! I can’t charge money!

This is the kind of thing I’d totally do for my friends for nothing!

I’d feel like a greedy money-monger!”

Brain Trap #3: “I suck at selling. I’m way too nice to sell things to people.

I’d totally crumble and let everyone in for free.”

Brain Trap #4: “I don’t have the perfect location. I’ve heard that it’s expensive to find spaces to do a workshop.

Besides, there’s nowhere in my town to do something like this.”

Brain Trap #5: “What if no one comes?

This is my biggest fear.

I would die if I put something out there and no one showed!”

How many of these brain traps do you have?  And how do you typically deal with them?

For most of us, we don’t see the trap. Instead, we believe brain traps are truth.

That’s how we end up giving up on our ideas!

That’s why we settle for things we don’t really want!

It’s how we’ve been taught!

You’ve probably been taught to settle for “more reasonable” ideas… 

Maybe you signed up with a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that promised extra money, happy customers and “leadership training.”

But month after month of trying to sell someone else’s stuff made you feel lame.

(Plus, your friends started avoiding you.)

Or maybe you went out and got a part-time job because you thought the extra income would help you build a strong foundation for your dreams

.  But then, you had no extra time to write or learn!

(Plus you were exhausted!)

Or maybe you started a blog and you wrote for hours and hours and weeks and weeks, but the only person who reads it is your mom.  (Turns out, it’s harder than you thought to build an “online presence.”)

You go to a networking meeting – but where does that lead?

You go to a big motivational conference – and you’re all fired up … but now what?

How does any of this turn you into a leader, or someone who is actually doing something that helps people change their lives?

It doesn’t.  It’s just a lot of extra stuff that wastes time while no one (including yourself) gets a single transformative result.

Truth is, you need only two things to get started on the path of changing lives and making money doing it…


True or False… You’re a brilliant coach any time a colleague calls you with a specific problem.

They walk away with major insights –  and thank you profusely afterwards.

(True, right?  So, can’t you just build a whole business solving people’s problems when they call you?)

Here’s the thing.  People don’t sign up just to have someone tell them what to do when they’re in a jam.

They sign up for workshops and trainings that get them results.

That’s why, when I designed and tested VisionBoardPro, I created a teachable and useable  framework.

This is the exact framework I taught that got my students such great results.

  Using my template, you don’t have to think about complex program lay-outs, or complicated lesson plans.

You can plug your teaching style right into my proven content.

Take a look at these Facebook comments from our students after hosting their Vision Board Workshops…


Look, it’s not just about the amazing material you teach.  These days,  you need a specific plan for how you will market or sell anything.

I’ve been running my own businesses for over 20 years.

Every last thing I have learned about marketing an event or retreat has been meticulously laid out in Vision Board Pro.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

You do not have to face the all-too-common fear of no one showing up.

You have a proven plan, and do-able action steps to take.

Put it all together and here’s what you get:

  1. Your Vision Board workshops sell out. You’re making money, and you know exactly what to do, how to do it, and when.
  2. Your confidence soars. You get to experience your own true power to lead and also to enroll people in your vision for them.
  3. Your credibility grows. People are telling friends and loved ones that you’ve changed their lives.

You finally see what it means to live your purpose.

Imagine…just months from now you’ve run one or two successful lucrative workshops…

  • How would it feel getting paid $750 (or more) to create something that brings real value to other people?
  • How would it feel to have extra cash to buy Christmas gifts for your family this year?
  • What would it be like to have people genuinely thank you for changing their lives?
  • Or to get calls asking you about your next workshop?
  • Or to be the envy of your friends and siblings?
  • Or to acquire permanent ongoing clients?
  • Or to finally stop wondering whether or not you’re living your why?

Here’s how it works – we’ll spend 8 weeks together. You’ll receive your step-by-step module and training one week and then you’ll have the following week to finish your exercises and implement what you learned.

About Author:

Christine Kane is an American musician and businessperson. She is the founder and CEO of Uplevel You. The company is based in Asheville, North Carolina Prior to founding Uplevel You, Kane had a fifteen-year career in the music industry.



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Vision Board Pro from Christine Kane

Sale page: https://getvisionboardpro.com/
As soon as we receive your payment, the download link will send to your email automatically.

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